God’s marvellous grace in the midst of storms

There have been times situations had arises to questioning my faith; and believe me it's not an easy thing but all glory to God for me being able to maintain my stand in him. This year hasn't been friendly to me as I was faced with so much trials, starting from my personal life, right... Continue Reading →


Does Cain’s offering makes God partial?

When it comes to making decisions, is God being involved or you put it all on yourself; Cain did what was right in his sight instead of letting God be involved...

Disturbed, perplexed and interrupted mind

One of the basic truth in life is that everyone has his own issue been faced daily; to the great men of God, to our very Christian leaders not excluding Christ Jesus himself, but the facts there is something makes this people unique and outstanding...

Breaking the bricks

Following Christ Jesus means denying everything, the world, yourself and all around you. Making yourself outstanding by making your stand in Christ and in Him alone.

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