My first award in the blogging world – Liebster Award

Foremost, all thanks to God for this great opportunity being able to encourage myself and others through His word and using the social media for His glory alone; nothing else!
Likewise, it’s a great thing being surrounded and among the Christian community whose posts also helps builds my inner self.

Since I have started blogging on faith and more of God Himself, I received my first “Liebster’s Award” today. Feeling grateful to Jesus Loves All [] for being among those who were nominated!

According to the norms, I have to answer some questions from the host!
So, here are questions from JesusLuvsAll:

• What the blog is mostly about?

Firstly before I created this blog, I had being blogging right from age 15, and my first impression about blogging then was to write whatever I learnt on every verse of the Bible I read, but as times goes on I began changing the motives behind this.
But on October 10, 2017, I got healed from an asthma related illness; in which this illness almost demand my life, but God proves himself strong. Which led to the creation of this very blog on the 26th of November, 2017.
That is, my motive behind this very blog is to encourage, motivate and be of help, first to myself, and others through God’s word.

• Why I start my blog?

I think the answer to this has been answered in the first question! To encourage, motivate, and be of help, first to myself because “I indeed long for more of him everyday”, and then to others who is willing to walk this journey of faith together with me.

• How often I post on my blog? Regular day(s) or not?

Actually, presently I don’t have a regular day or days. Am still a University student in my second year in which my time is almost occupied; as I strive to make it to the lecture class early, and my commitment also needed at the fellowship so also, read my books, and never forget my secret place with my Father.
Apparently, I keep it up with my blog when there’s room for it.

• My favourites place to have travelled to?

One of my favourites places to have travelled to is Arogbo-Ijaw, Ondo, Nigeria. Being a Royal Ambassador of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, we went there for evangelism and seriously it is worth remembering and for the first time I travelled on water. Our boats arrived late in the night at around 8:00pm and there was no light. We were sore afraid yet we journeyed safely and peacefully.

• Languages I speak?

I speak Yoruba language being my first language and then English being my second language. Willing to know some other languages though! 😆

• My Faith?

I believe everything about the Trinity! “God the Father, Son and the Great Holy Spirit” and also in every thing in the Holy Book.

• Morning person or a night owl?

Well! Actually, both. Wake very early in the morning while sleeps late at night.

• My best time to write?

My best time to write is at night.

• Countries I would like to visit and why?

One of the countries I would love to visit is United States. I love the place and the people there, also got friends of same faith there; longing to see them one day.
Aside from this are Israel and Korea; I wish I visit some countries before getting old.

• My favourite song?

One of my favourites songs is “The Old Rugged Cross”. I love the song for its lyrics. It’s just captivating!

• My favourite season and why?

Actually, I don’t have any favourite season, but I love it most when it’s “raining” because of the clear and friendly atmosphere.

Here are some other eleven random thought about me:

• I’m a tall [6FT] guy, proud to be black.
• One of the most fascinating things about me is, though I love reading books but when it comes to reading lecture notes, I strive!
• An aspiring politician who wants to see the country am in developing and God’s love waxing stronger in every citizens heart. I want to go there representing Christ. Yet I pray, not to get there if only I won’t represent Him and do His will.
• I love to cook and performing new recipes when in the kitchen.
• One of my favourites food is “Pounded yam”.
• I try improving myself daily, because I want to grow more stronger in faith and loves exercises in improving my body.
• And in improving my body, I watch myself daily not to gain much weight, and never to become too slim.
• Though haven’t start dating but when am married I want to be the best husband to my future wife, and the best father to my children.
• I want to build my generation for God, – to be well-grounded and built-up in his word; in which God is counting on me.
• Loves singing worships and hymns with that voice people says is bad.
• And last but not the least, I love writing – even when what am writing isn’t making sense and filled with lots of grammatical errors!

In spite of all these, all the glory to God.

Here are some other bloggers I nominated for the awards. Of a truth, everyone is qualified for it but I have to pick randomly because am limited to electing just eleven. Please do check them out!

• Adeakinbami Aanu, a christian lifestyle blogger whose writing depicts that of “Benny Hinn”. []
• Himitsu Study who blogs on preparing Christians for the end time. []
• John Garay, a mentor and a coach on life skills, career transitions, and through organisational change. []
• K Marie. You can also check her blog out which is Lines of Lazarus. []
• Chelle, a graphic designer and a Christian lifestyle blogger. []
• J Nelson, an associate pastor in the Chicago suburbs and a lifestyle blogger. []
• Eileen Guyadeen, a candidate of the United Methodist Church as a local pastor. You can check out her blog “QuietMoments”. []
• You should also check this blog out, “Grace greater than Titles”. []
• Check this Christian lifestyle blog out also, “Tonyalalonde”. []
• Junaisha, a Law student and a Christian lifestyle blogger. []
• Also check this blog out “Brave, Blessed and Beautiful”. A blog in empowering women for kingdom purpose. []

My 11 Questions for my Nominees

• What is you blog mostly about?
• Why did you start your blog?
• How often do you post in your blog? Is there a regular day or days?
• What is your favourite place you have traveled to?
• What languages do you speak?
• If you don’t mind sharing, what is your faith?
• Are you a morning person or a night owl?
• When is the best time for you to write?
• What country or countries would you like to visit and why?
• What is your favourite song?
• What is your favourite season and why?

The Rules

• Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.
• Answer 11 questions that the blogger gave you
• Give 11 random thoughts about yourself
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination
• Ask your nominees 11 questions.


Remain blessed.

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  1. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading about you, and I find it interesting that although I am a white, 65-year-old American woman, we still have a lot in common! 😄 Someday I will meet you (“here, there, or in the air”) and we will sing “The Old Rugged Cross” together. God bless you!

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