“By your word” – A confession of faith and victory

Based on experience,

if you wanna make big sales by day,

You must then have worked really hard by night.

We aren’t a newbie here for we know,

Fishes floats on the surface of the water by night and floats deep by day;

Yet, we toiled all night but catches nothing.

Is it really possible for us to catch anything at all seeing it’s day?

Even if the best fishermen can’t, how then can we?

Sarcastically, this man must be up to something.

– This must have been the thought of Peter when Jesus told him to let down his net.
Peter, been an experienced fisherman toiled all through the night but catches nothing, but had no choice than to obey the word of the powerful and all-knowing one.
And for him to have said “Master, by your word, I will let down the net”, he must have been frustrated to the point of giving up. But how fortunate was he for him to have listened and obeyed.

Simon replied, “Master, we worked hard all night [to the point of exhaustion] and caught nothing [in our nets], but at Your word I will [do as you say and] lower the nets [again].” – Luke 5:5 AMP

Life might have grabbed you at the neck and leaves you frustrated that you now feels like giving up. But how thrilled would it be if you could just say “Lord Jesus, by your word”.

For it is in this “word” we could find victory and happiness. [Rev 12:11]

It takes courage, strength and faith to do this, but, this is actually the work of the Holy Spirit which is inside of you.

Don’t rely on your strength; your strength would only fetch you nothing.
Remember it wasn’t Peter’s strength that fetch him the fishes but the word of the living God.

This year 2019, acknowledge God’s word in all you do, have faith and summon courage that you’re already an overcomer , don’t ever rely on your strength.
Do your best, and live the rest to God!

Have a nice time and remain blessed.
From your friend,

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