2019 – Make every seconds of your life count!

It’s another year again! Year 2019!
God has indeed being greatful; all thanks to him for the success of another year. Another year is here again; so, what are you up to this year?

All through the last year, I had encountered divers kinds of challenges but all thanks to God that all through this challenges I was the more made stronger in my spirit.

I am indeed grateful to God for every seconds of my life all through the year 2018; among which are these:

Year 2018,

This was the year I know vividly even in my spirit that I was the more closer to God than any other years past of my life. Even in my challenges, I could still hold on to my faith and say “Lord, you are my God even in the storms”.

This was the year I am elected a Hall Representative at the Baptist students fellowship. I had never been in any leadership position before, but all I know is God has a reason for this.
The position was quite really difficult for me as there has not been any achievements from the past leaders and for me being a newbie, no one to guide me through but I thank God over the life of my President who taught me on all what the position is all about.
Though am not yet in achieving something really specific in the position but I could see some improvement better than the last tenure.
I needed money to perform some tasks but I was extremely broke. I couldn’t keep it up with my blog, and I was trying to balance my academics with the fellowship but God prove himself strong in my life.
I was criticized by some of my members; some saying I don’t care to give a call, while to some, I don’t care for them by not visiting them, some said I don’t even recognize them; but I was just like “God!! Is this really the true me??”. I was extremely broke to the point that the church mouse could have me mocked.

2018 is gone now, and I trust God for some changes and fabulous improvement this year. In which I believe it is so.

In balancing my academics with the fellowship, before I was elected as the Hall Representative, I didn’t do really well in the last semester in which I know in my heart despite the fact that the results is not out then.
As I was struggling with my life in the academic aspect, I was also trying all my possible best in becoming a better son in God’s sight.

But on this fateful day, it’s the 2017/18 handing over sects, I was really happy for those handing over because of the so much great example they laid down. As they handed over, I also was handed over to in the office of the Hall Representative. What a shock it was on that very day in that am not even that close with the past leader in the office; all I just noticed was that she came to me, introduced herself and said I should hold the office really well. It was indeed a surprise.
Twas like a breeze in the desert. I was trying all my possible best in improving my results for this semester and now am the new Hall Rep. I have to be punctual at fellowship, leadership meetings and others. There was even a time the President sent an emergency message to all leaders for a prayer for one of our brethren who was sick and at the point of death but all thanks to God she was revived. I was in the hostel when this message was received and believe me it was late but had no choice than to go.

But something miraculous happened! While we were still at school and haven’t go home for Christmas holiday, I met my sister at the hostel singing in happiness. It was weird that I had to ask her what really happened. But the answer I got in reply wasn’t friendly enough. I asked her what must be happening but she was asking if I had checked my results.
Though I haven’t check my results as at that time, but since she’d checked hers, then I have to go check mine also.
And seriously God surprise me even to the very difficult paper which is physics practical; I got an “A”. The ones I even did well was not as good as the ones I was thinking would tarnish the the result.

In everything you do in life, always try to do your best and leave the rest to God. Recognise your weaknesses and depend on God for strength – if you’re strong enough then He wouldn’t have come for you.

After realising this was my works and balancing of my academics with the fellowship made easier.

There’s something I learnt about life that people try to abstain from; “No matter how extro or introvert you are, you will always have to connect with friends and enemies at the same time. You can’t just do without this two!”

What you have to do is being careful on how you relate with them. Don’t blame yourself and don’t have them blamed either; they just have to come your way. Make the advantages out of it and not its disadvantages.
I was grateful to God for my friends in school, in which they contributed immensely to my spiritual growth all through last year. The journey together was indeed awesome.
I could remembered we speaking in tongues for hours at night when others were asleep and we would felt refreshments in our spirits.

Nonetheless, looking forward to a better advancement this year.

How did you spent most of your days last year? Make this year a better one by putting all your ways to God. There’s always room for changes and restitutions. Make each of every seconds of your life count this year.

Happy New Year.

From your beloved friend!

6 thoughts on “2019 – Make every seconds of your life count!

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  1. It’s a great compilation of your challenges and progress throughout the year. Each one of us have the crests and troughs in life and believe me the only help or saviour we have is us and only us. May God make this year happy, contentful and amazing for you my friend 😊.

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  2. Thank you for following my blog. It sounds as if you have had quite a year. I am wondering where you live. (Your name does not sound American!) I am thrilled to have brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Blessings to you for 2019.

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