God’s marvellous grace in the midst of storms

There have been times situations had arises to questioning my faith; and believe me it’s not an easy thing but all glory to God

for me being able to maintain my stand in him.
This year hasn’t been friendly to me as I was faced with so much trials, starting from my personal life, right to my academics, and even to my very blog.

Though I was the more closer to God this year than the past years, but it seems like the closer I am the more trials keeps arising and questioning my faith.
It got to a time in school, I was extremely broke and down to earth. My parents couldn’t even send a Naira; they were not getting paid. I could remember my mom told me to manage the little cups of garri we had, told me hunger doesn’t kills.
I couldn’t mutter a word but have to exercise my faith that no matter what, there is gonna be a provision.

The school was on strike and all my mates and friends have all left school for home. I and my sister lives in the same hostel at school.
I could see a sign of distress in my sister’s face; as she was confused on how we going to live for the limited time we have in school. I told her never to worry that God will surely provide.

On the third day, we were still expecting and looking up to God, but nothing seems hoping at. I was on social media, using free Facebook; on my timeline I came across a post by Joel Osteen that challenges me which says ” One thing is to say God I thank you for I believe you will do it and another thing is to say Lord, I thank you for I know that with you all things are possible, am believing in you for this, but all I know is, whether or not they are granted, you are still my God.”

I went to God in prayer and repeat this words, and seriously it indeed changed my way of communicating with God.

At fellowship on Sunday, my sister thought there’s no more hope again and all we could do is turn it to fasting till we would go home; after all the great men of God today almost went to fasting without eating for forty days, even some went fasting for three months.
Though she said this jokingly, but I cautioned her not to say such things as it can shakes faith if not careful. But right inside of me I was praying and believing there’s going to be a provision.

To cut the story short, I was in the technical room of the fellowship waiting for someone, but as I sat there pondering on this issue, a brother and a friend of mine, both in same year, sat by my side and asked when I would be going home; but told him I will still be at school just but for a limited time in that am not sure of the actual date we would be traveling.
I even narrated how broke we are to him, and no one to run to. He smiled at me but dipped his right hand into his school bag and gave me some amount of money. And that was how we got rescued for that week, and surprisingly before the week runs off, God also used my coursemate who based in school area for the rest of my needs.
For about two weeks and half, we didn’t ask anything from home, we were loaded with stuff which even got us confused on which one to prepare first to save some from spoiling or decaying. Our parents didn’t know how we managed to survive those times but just kept blaming us for not saving for such a day like this.

This was how God did it in our lives that we weren’t put to shame. From nothing to something – the foodstuffs got loaded.
During this cause, I learnt the more on faith and God himself. Though we felt as if we were neglected but God made me understand that am not neglected and he’s listening right to my prayers.
It got to a time my faith on “there would be a provision” was no longer there, but I went back to God in prayer and repeat the same word again if there will not be provision, forever will you still be my God; and this was what I kept saying till God decided to show up.

I don’t know what you might be going through and looking up to God for. But know this that no matter what the situation may be, he’s always with you.
He was with the disciples in the midst of the storm, but they failed to recognise him as “Emmanuel” but as the “Son of the true God”.

Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him. And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep. – Matthew 8:23‭-‬24

The presence of God in the midst of the storm is to comforts, cheer you up and put your mind in a state of relaxation while you then acts on your faith with no fear believing you have someone by your side who’s always there for you.
This what I came to realise when after some days of praying and looking up to him, nothing was coming. I was comforted and have to put on courage and never to fear because He is “Emmanuel”.

Let’s pray!

Father, I thank you for you’re always with me even in the midst of the storm; i chose to hold onto my faith even when nothing seems coming.
And I declare that bad times, good times, forever will you be my God.
Help me always to stand strong in you. Thank you Lord Jesus for I believed it’s answered. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you haven’t give your life to Christ Jesus, I will urge you to take a step today by giving your totality to Him. He wants to do something really great in your life; but you have to come into his marvelous light before he could.
If you’re deciding in your heart to take a step now, you just say this prayer aloud wherever you are and am believing God in His mercy is ready and willing to accept you.

Father, I am a sinner you came to the world and die for. I’m ready now Lord to forsake my old ways and follow the path which is the way of life. I confess today Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, the anointed one of God, the true Son of God who came to the world to die a horrible death on the cross that I might have life, and not just have it, but that I might have it more abundantly. Jesus, I invites you into my life today, come and abode there, help me to grow in you and never let me be shaken.
Thank you Lord Jesus for now, with faith I believe am saved, redeemed, set free, and adopted into your kingdom of light.

If you just say this prayer, I will want us to connect together if you think I can be of help in any areas. Try filling the contact form.
Also you can connect with me on social media when am away blogging; Facebook as Oluwatoki Ayodimeji, Instagram and Twitter as oluwatokia.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! Sorry it’s coming too late..

Remain Blessed!

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