Living with those who want us killed

The news trending all around now are not worth hearing... Someone said to me, we aren't save anymore; but I replied, no we're save, we don't want the security of this world because we have a greater and stronger security from someone who never sleeps nor slumber - and that's God. People die daily, inwardly... Continue Reading →

Eternally Stocked – A New Life

Can’t get ahead? Feel like you’re not enough? Wondering how did life’s journey get this tough Afraid to look up, chin in your chest No eye contact for you know you’ll never be the best. That wall you face forever stays planted Closed to you, your admission never granted No getting around it, slumped in... Continue Reading →

The Rebirth Series – 2 [The New Life]

Excerpt from last series: To be born again actually comes from submission to God - this is not a physical birth but conception that takes place in the spirit. The physical birth which is the first stage of conception comes first before spiritual conception could take place. The Kingdom of God is made for man... Continue Reading →

Prayer is Personal – Tonya LaLonde

I am so tired of preachy prayers. Prayer is personal. True prayer is talking to God one on One. True prayer is a running conversation to deepen our relationship with Almighty God through Jesus. This is our mandate, our marching orders from God. It keeps us focused on God and our priorities correct. And prayer,... Continue Reading →

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